cross Agistment


When your valuable racehorse spells at Oakland Park, we treat them as if they are one of our own.

We provide short and long term agistment for racehorses. Our services include short let ups to freshen a horse in training through to extended breaks to allow a horse to recuperate from an arduous racing campaign.

Safety is our first priority when handling your horses. All our paddocks are built with three and four strap Horserail fencing. Our professional team is experienced at handling racehorses coming out of a racing campaign. Every horse is treated as an individual.

Our paddocks range in size from half an acre all the way up to 10 acres. Horses can be housed by themselves or with compatible partners.

The climate year round is moderate and ideal for spelling horses. We are fortunate that our location ensures mild winters and cooler summers. A bonus is the fact that the area has minimal flies in summer.

Broodmares and Foals

We believe a major part of our success in producing winning racehorses is the way we handle our broodmares and their offspring.

We have worked hard over the years to hone our skills in the area of managing broodmares to ensure their offspring have every chance of achieving race track success.

When your mare resides at Oakland Park you can be assured that they are being cared for as an individual, not one of many. We assess each broodmare’s dietary requirements individually. We are experienced with dealing with broodmares that may be susceptible to Laminitis – nothing is left to chance.

We provide a walk out and van service to all the neighbouring Studs. All broodmares and foals are hand – led when moving around the property.

Young horses are provided hard feed tailored to their specific requirements. All young horses are fed our special high-protein mix to help them develop.