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There are myriad of reasons why a thoroughbred breeding and agistment farm is successful – none more important than the people that care for our horses.

Oakland Park team members are passionate about the roles they play in breeding winning thoroughbreds and caring for our clients’ valuable horses.

We stand by our motto “where the horses come first”.

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Neville, is surprisingly busy around the farm. Neville and Adrian discuss all major work and programmes on the farm and Nev assists wherever he is required with any horse work, shares with Adrian the foaling alarm during the breeding season, is responsible for fixing any and all watering problems and does all the tractor work from firebreaks to spraying weeds. He is also the chief vermin control officer.


Neville’s wife and personal assistant. Susan is also responsible for office administration, assembling accounts, wages and doing the myriad tasks necessary to run any horse breeding and agistment farm.


Adrian has been at Oakland Park since 2008. Adrian’s previous experience includes a couple of years management of a stud in Victoria, 2 years managing a broodmare farm in the US and about 5 years working with Barramul and Vinery shuttling stallions between Australia, the United States and England.

With a wealth of experience, Adrian is always on top of the detail of the health and wellbeing of all the horses on the farm.

Adrian is passionate about racing and pedigrees, but equally loves the hands-on work with our stallions and also co-ordinates all breeding activities from the vet to the booking and covering of mares for both walk in and on stud mares right through to the handling of foals, prep of yearlings and managing spelling racehorses.


Kelly has been with us since Christmas, 2006 and has worked with us through the transition from 50 acres at Marybrook to the 250 acres of our present farm.

Kelly had previously worked as a stud hand at Stanton Park and also as a vet nurse to mention just a couple of her previous occupations.

Kelly assists with everything on stud from handling mares and foals and yearlings to riding out as company for our horse breaker on stud. Kelly is a most dedicated, loyal person and a very committed member of the Oakland Park team who can always be relied upon to put in the extra yards if the going gets tough.


A year and a half into her Urban Planning degree at Curtin University Carly decided that what she really wanted to do was work with horses, her first love.

So Carly went off  to Victoria to study at Marcus Oldham college and graduated in 2015.  After a timely call to Neville she  commenced work at Oakland Park in May 2016.

Apart from her equine studies and working and handling her own horse, Carly has also worked in several metropolitan racing stables.  She is very confident and competent with horses and keen to learn all she can about the breeding and racing industry.

Carly has loved and ridden horses since childhood and for pleasure competes in the discipline of eventing on her own trusty steed.  She is also a keen West Coast Eagles member.


“David Powrie has joined us full time at Oakland Park. Dave has wide experience in the racing industry and is educating horses for us and for our clients on farm and also riding horses which need special programmes as they gradually come back into work after recovering from injury.

Dave is enjoying being part of our team and is looking forward to assisting in all areas during the upcoming stud season.